New Rules Seminar & Golf Genius Demo

Here is a great opportunity to learn about the new rules and get a demonstration on how to use the Golf Genius software. Hoping to see you all on the 20th!

golf rules seminar

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9 changes in the new Rules of Golf you absolutely need to know for 2019

The USGA has now released the most extensive changes to the RULES OF GOLF in decasdes! The idea was to not only to make the rules easier to understand and apply, but also to speed up play. Be sure to check out these changes. Who knows, a few of the revised rules may even benefit your game!

rule changes 2019

The Player’s Edition of the Rules of Golf is available at For videos explaining the rules’ changes, go to

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How to Post on QWGA


by Barb Johnson

On Monday, November 26, Lake Quivira Foundation members are going to vote on a number of important issues.  Among those is security for the new golf practice facility.  Kevin Murray, a member of the QMGA board,  wrote a letter to the Men’s Golf Association explaining why it is important to have security and what you can do to help ensure that our new practice facility remains secure.   Here is Kevin’s letter:

We are very happy to report the new practice facility is scheduled to open with the 2019 golf season. As soon as weather permits next spring we are good to go.     
Here comes the important part-
At the annual Foundation vote, later this month, one of the ballot items references a very important issue for the new practice facility. As part of capital projects, a new parking lot will be built at the new golf range. The lot will hold 20-24 vehicles. In order to access the parking lot from Quivira Ln. an additional secure entrance will be necessary. In order to have this secure entrance installed a majority vote of all foundation members is needed. That comes to approx. 199 yes votes. This is not an item that can pass with a simple majority. It must be a majority of the total  foundation membership.
Your QMGA board supports this ballot item and asks that all QMGA foundation members vote FOR the new secure entrance. Not only will this make for a nicer facility, we strongly feel that this will help attract additional off lake golf members. The ease of access and new parking lot can only make the facility more appealing to all members and potential members.
More good news. This will not require any addt’l dues from membership. The cost of the gate was already included in the original budget for the fencing system. We all worked hard to get this new range built, let’s not stop now. Because there are no additional dues increases needed there is no reason not to have the secure entrance installed
If all QMGA foundation members vote YES and take along one foundation friend that will vote YES we should be OK. However, please know this will not be a given. Just the fact that 199 votes are needed is tough enough. While we support and hope that the secure entrance will pass we need all hands on deck to attend and vote at the meeting or cast an absentee ballot when available.
Thank you for your consideration.
Your QMGA Board

Kevin Murray


The QWGA Board agrees with Kevin, the QMGA and the LQ Golf Committee, that security at the practice facility is extremely important. Please vote “YES”.  Remember, you don’t have to wait until Monday to vote.  Voting is possible NOW.

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New Ladies Fall Outerwear and Clearance Sale!

Ladies the Lake Quivira Golf Shop is now carrying new Footjoy Fall Outerwear and leggings. We also have many new items on sale with discounts on selected apparel from 30%-50% OFF. Enjoy the beautiful Fall Weekend!

Best Regards,

Golf Professional Staff

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Hole 15 Creek Storm Water Management

#15 Creek Picture

Photo by Jody McCamish

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QWGA Closing Day Golf

Hi Ladies,

Because of the rain, we have cancelled  the GOLF event, tomorrow, October 9, 2018.  NOT the meeting and lunch.  PLEASE join us for lunch, which has been moved to 11:30, a short meeting, an election of officers, and presentation of Awards.  Let’s share lunch with our golfing friends, and discuss any changes you might want to see happen in next years golfing program.

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We are just around the corner from finishing a great year of golf here at Lake Quivira. Closing day for both, 18 and 9 holers is Tuesday, October 9th. We start at 9am and play 12 holes, lunch will follow. After lunch we will vote for our 2019 officers and present the 18H year-end awards.
Please sign up at the ProShop before it’s too late.

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